It's Diamond Season . . . in Antwerp!

Every year at this time Sid travels to Antwerp to find spectacular Diamonds!

And it's your turn to share in the savings.
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No diamond is too big or too small in Antwerp!

From a parcel of melee (thousands of small diamonds sparkling together) that Sid sorts through for the best ones, to a rare 100 carat diamond of spectacular quality. Whatever your taste and budget, Sid can find just the right diamond for you in Antwerp!


Antwerp, Belgium — The Diamond Capital of the World

Why Antwerp?

It's the prime source for the world's finest diamonds.

Uncut gems mined all around the world are cut and polished there. 85% of the worlds rough diamonds and 55% of cut diamonds travel through Antwerp.

This makes it the perfect place to find spectacular diamonds!

Why do we go the extra 10,000 miles to buy in Antwerp?

Because it is the best place in the world to buy fine diamonds. We are able to buy direct from Antwerp's leading diamond cutters, saving you heavy importers' and distributors' costs.

This allows us to select from Belgium's vast inventory of top-quality diamonds, to get exclusively for you, the size, shape and price range you desire. We go straight to the source to give you the opportunity to get the diamond you've always dreamed of and to share in the savings.

Take advantage of this occasion to save and get that beautiful
Antwerp cut Diamond!

We are happy to discuss with you, your diamond dreams and help make them come true!

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