Traveling With Jewelry

Traveling with jewelry

No one likes to leave their beautiful jewelry at home when they travel but taking it with you can be a hassle.  Here are some tips on how to travel safely with your jewelry: so you can have your Bling and wear it too!

  • Pack what you’ll wear
    • Only bring the pieces you’ll wear on the trip.  Bring your favorites, but if you won’t have an occasion to wear it leave it at home.
  • Make a list
    • Make a list of the jewelry you bring with you and make two copies.  Take one copy with you, stored separately from your jewelry, and leave one at home.  Refer back to them to make sure nothing is missing.
  • Keep it with you
    • Put your jewelry in a bag you’ll use as a carry-on and keep it with you.  Carry the bag yourself and don’t leave it unattended.
  • Lock it up
    • Make use of the hotel room safe.  Lock up anything you aren’t wearing.
  • Insure it
    • Insuring your jewelry helps protect you in the event of loss or theft.

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Why Gold and Chlorine are a Bad Combination

Why Gold and Chlorine are a bad combination

Going swimming in a pool with chlorinated water can be detrimental to your gold rings — either white, yellow, or pink gold. In a single season, the chlorine can dissolve enough gold to loosen or destroy the tiny prongs holding your gems.

Chlorine can be very harmful to karat gold of any kind. But jewelry made of white gold, now so popular, is especially susceptible to damage from chlorine. Even minuscule amounts of diluted chlorine will erode the nickel alloy in white gold and possibly lead to damaged prongs and settings.

It also pays to be careful of chlorinated chemicals used daily in your home. These include bleach, detergent, soaps, and cleansers. Evaporation can increase the chlorine level in these products and leave concentrated deposits on your gold rings with very unfortunate results.

You should keep all chemicals away from your jewelry.

This includes cleansers that you would use for your sinks, showers, ovens, counter tops, and floors. Keep your jewelry away from laundry bleach.

Don't wear your jewelry in the swimming pool or hot tub and don't get hand sanitizers on your jewelry.

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